Instrument Checkride


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Today I passed my instrument checkride and the DE didn't sign my logbook. Is he required to sign my logbook? I am not sure if he just forgot. I do have my temporary certificate though.


Jeffrey Marques
Hey sfzpilot,

I don't see why you would need to do so. Looking at my entry from the same examiner, there was no dual received so I don't think there's anything else for which a signature would be required.

Congrats on passing! :nana2:
Checkrides are not dual, you are PIC for sure. Every check ride I have taken the examiner signed my log book stating that checkride was successful. Not sure if this is in the FAR's, but you would at least want to put your own entry in your logbook as it counts for a flight review.
You are the PIC and can log any 61 checkride as solo. DEs are not required to sign your logbook.