Instructing at Flight Safety


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I'm a new CFI, and thinking about applying to instruct at Flight Safety. Any FSI CFI's out there that can give me some insight?
Sorry you did not receive a reply from anyone. I am not a instructor but I work for Flightsafety's New Hire Department in Daytona Beach. I thought I would let you know that we do have positions open at the academy and you can contac them at 800-800-1411 to request information or to take a tour of the facility. You may also call us at 888-789-4473 and we may have some information or answer for you as well. If you are interested in ASA, the Vero Academy has a program going where you instruct for 800 hours on a contract while getting paid about $14 a hour plus benefits, Flightsafety will then pay for training needed to go into ASA. Give us a call if you are interested. Best wishes. Frank Stanaitis
I am currently at Flight Safety in Vero beach FL, and I absolutely love it here. While I am not an Instructor, if I was this would be the place to be one…….
I was at the Airline Training Academy in Orlando, but they have too many problems so I came here. I finished but my Commercial Multi here and am getting ready to Interview for the ASA program. Let me tell you form Personal Experience that the standard that Flight Safety has here is 10 times higher than at most schools. Everything is a very professional, form dorm to airplanes. I would recommend to anyone that is interested in a career in aviation that they come to Vero Beach and check things out. While you’re here talk to several students, not just the marketing staff! And get an idea as to what its like form the student’s protective. I am confident that you will not find another school with the same high standard as Flight Safety, and a name as Highly Respected in the Aviation industry as Flight Safety.