Incident/Accident @ SDL


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Just heard that a Sabena student (on first solo) lost control of the aircraft on the ground and ran into on of the "Greenway" hangars. Actually he/she hit the hangar directly next to my boss's hangar.

Apparently, the pilot is safe.

I'll post more when/if I hear.
The Greenway hangars are where the traffic watch planes I used to fly were tied down.
Is that why the helicopter has been hovering over KSDL?

I went over to the post office near the airpark to check my PO box and there was a helicopter hovering about 1000 AGL.
Yeah the vultures are out ...

You can tell when there is an accident in this city (PHX area) by looking for the "wolf pack" of helos hovering over the incident/accident etc.

FFZ Tower called 'em the "chopperazzi" one day!
Small plane crashes into hangar at Scottsdale Airport

Associated Press
Jan. 14, 2004 12:59 PM

A small plane crashed into a hangar Wednesday after landing at Scottsdale Airport. No injuries were reported.
The pilot had landed safely and had begun taxiing when the crash occurred. No futher information was available.

[/ QUOTE ]
I'm suprised no one's having 'Nam flashbacks from the Chopperazzi.

The one thing I hate about local news coverage is that they've always got to be live on the scene, hours/days/years after the event occured.
True story:

One summer, a couple of years back, in St. Louis a city bus jumped a curb and squashed some little girl. Sad story. The local news, however, ran it as the TOP story for a week-and-a-half, on every newscast (morning, mid-day, evening, late-night) ... sometimes adding, literaly, only one or two new words to the story.

That's pure laziness and it drives me friggin' nuts!