I'll miss ya, Starcheckers.


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Friday was my last day as a Starchecker, and my last day as a professional pilot.

I had a great time at Airnet, and am really glad I gave it a shot after leaving the military. I'd list everyone on JC who helped me get there, but the list is long and I'd probably forget people. You know who you are though - please accept my heartfelt thanks for all the help.

I have a few options/offers I'll be sorting through in the next week or so, but if anyone is interested I'll let you all know what I'll be doing when I find out.

Besides tons of people who have helped me get an aviation job and explore different aviation options, I have actually received very solid non-flying job leads through two JC members. Go figure. I won't mention them by name in case they don't want their PM boxes filled with requests, but they know who they are too, so thanks.

While I am not a professional pilot anymore, I still love JC, and hope to still contribute what I can. Besides weekend-warrior-ing, I might instruct occasionally. We'll see.

Absolute best of luck to those still in the industry - you have my utmost respect and I look forward to reading how everyone is progressing. In just the few years since I've been a member I've seen CFIs grow into jet/TP captains and it's always exciting to see good people move up.

As for why I left, I wrote about it "off the grid" here, just until I officially left the company.


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Good luck to you Ian. Glad to see you gave it a shot and learned it just wasn't for ya. It's not always greener on the other side!!! I do hope you'll get to use those fine leadership skills you learned in the Army and that you'll keep hanging around JC...


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Good on you maing for following your heart and intuition. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do, though I'm sure you will be successful no matter what you pursue.

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If you think it's time, it's time. At least now you can impress all your new daytime real-person friends with "there I was" stories. Good luck.


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Wow! Congrats, Ian. I wish you well in your new career, whatever it turns out to be. I'm sure you'll do well in whatever you do--and hope you're happier! :nana2:


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Good luck for the future Ian. I hope that you find something that challenges and fulfills.


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Congrats on the career change bro, I wish you success!

So whatchya gonna be doing?


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Best of luck in whatever you do in life Ian! I really hope that you stick around JC and that we can meet again at another Boston M&G! :)


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I'll spill the beans....
Ian has signed up to be my butler. He realized that the chances of being my first bitch at Airnet were pretty slim so this was the next best thing.

Another beer Jeeves and I believe my dry cleaning is ready to be picked up! ;)