IFR Pop Quiz

Doesn't it depend on the VOR? I think Ls only guarantee coverage above the MEA for 22 miles or so. My guess is that Standard Service Volumes apply.

I'm not cheating and looking it up either - testing my long term memory here which is really risky after 45
If you are above the MEA you are guaranteed to be able to receive the VORs that define the route, making the third answer correct.

Now, where would you look to find out where a VOR is unusable inside the standard SSV?
Its 3 because SSV only applies to off airway routes and since your on a published IFR route i think it wouldnt matter
but correct me if im wrong
Yes #3 is the answer if you are on a route above MEA, that take into account the navaids, Standard Service Volume limitations do not come into play at all.