I am finally GRADUATED from ERAU!!!!!


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Can you believe it? After 4.5 years I finally graduated today from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott and with Cum Laude Honors too!

I must say I am sad to go. Although the school and I have had our differences, I am going to miss the teachers and the small school atmosphere that I have grown to love. I will also miss Prescott. It maybe small, but not as small as my home town.

Anyway... The popular question seems to be "How do you feel now that you have graduated?" Honestly? I'm not so sure... I feel sorta proud that I graduated from college (being the first in my family to do so), but at the same time I am pretty nervous and scared of what is yet to come. Although I am really excited to be starting my flight up again in January at ATP, I hate transitions from one major thing to another... It just causes me to worry and break out in pimples
. (ahh yess... gotta love stress).

Anyway... I am lucky to have parents and family members who support me in my flying. With out them I would be lost. Mom and Dad push me everyday to make sure I complete my dream and do thier best to try to relieve all the stresses that have a tendency to drag me down.


Anyway... It's been quite a long day (pardon any spelling or gramatical errors... recently graduated - basic english skills didn't come with the diploma). I had better get studying for the PPL! I have that test on the 30th!

See ya in the air!!!

Congratz. If you think Prescott is small now you should have been there is the early 80's. My fathers support of my dreams was the key to me being where I am today....best investment he ever made.
Congratulations, sounds like you did good...

But now comes the hard part.
(I know you just HATE to hear that.)

Best of luck. Fly safe.
Thank everyone!

AH Geezz... don't remind me about the road ahead! Although I am excited about the future... I hate the uncertanty that comes with it. Maybe it's a pilot thing... I just hate surprises on any scale.

DE727UPS- as far as the size of Prescott goes... I love Prescott. I come from Show Low, AZ... and for those of you who are familiar with AZ... you probably know about it's size. 20 years ago it had a Yellow Front and a Sproutz Rites mini departments stores... We would call that a Family Dollar now! I love Prescott because it is bigger than Show Low, but not as big a Phoenix... Prescott is "just right" for this little bear!

Alas... come time to have an airline job (just in foresight here), I am afraid I will have to live near a hub... I don't think I would like commuting... I don't know how y'all do it! I love planes and all, but I'm not so sure I wanna spend THAT much time on one!

Anyway... thanks again everyone!
As far as location goes, I think Doug and Kristie have it just right... Scottsdale is SWEET. I'd definitely see myself living there in the future (dispatcher for America West would be cool).

Skywest is in St. George, in S. Utah - also a neat place to live, with amazing scenery all around.

Tucson is great too - not quite as hot. Not nearly sufficient commutable air traffic, though. However, I did hear that Skywest opened a pilot base there several months ago... anyone hear about this?

Congrats Marilyn either way! I hope ATP goes very well for you.
Scottsdale is the bomb diggity. We sat out in the backyard all afternoon, nice and sunny, in the low seventies, enjoyed breakfast and some coffee.

And here it is mid-December. Ahh!
Peeesh. I'm sure you miss icy winter Marquette and the Mighty Beech so much you'd move back in a heartbeat though.
Ahh beautiful Marquette. Trekking thru snow to buy a twelve pack for the crash pad and then stumbling down to GodFather's pizza for the afternoon buffet.

12 guys, six air mattresses, one couch, a television, five pieces of silverware and one "Mr. Suave" roommate tended to have loud and boisterous "relations" with his lady as we were all glued to the weather channel or watching HBO.

Ahh, the junior Beech 1900 captain days!