How much is ERAU Tuition??


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Sorry if you have answered this before, but I was looking through the ERAU site and I couldn't find how much it costs to go there.
just wonderin'



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My answer: a lot

Ok, really though here's the breakdown:

Tuition (12-16 credit hours): $7,250/semester

On campus Housing : between $1,234 - $1,460/semester

Mandatory Fees(SGA membership, campus enhancement fee, technology fee, heatlh services fee, etc): ~$165/semester

Meal Plan: between $675 - ~$950/semester

Flight(depending on what course you're in and how fast you get through the training): ~$10,000/year

Hope that helps.


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WOW!!! Thats a ton!!! Geez that comes out to almost $200,000!!! AHHH What am I going to do how does anyone go there for college