Health Insurance


'Not a new member'
Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could tell me what sorta health insurance I should get there, is there somthing aviable through Flightsafety? Do I get 'student' health insurance or what? And what are the premiums and costs?

Only instructors are able to purchase the group coverage health insurance offered by FS. As a student, if you want health insurance, its on your own dime. Do a google search for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They have short term policies available, but if you need something longer than a few months, its tough to find that anywhere. I know, I've looked! Of course, some would argue that healthy youngsters don't need health insurance. Same reason why your policy is so low the younger you are...odds are you won't get sick.
Well you might not get sick, but what do you do if you shatter your elbow playing football...happened to me with no insurance and I ended with a $15,000 bill. Kind of sucked.
When I moved to Vero, I got a policy with BCBS and it has been a good policy. It got me through 2 kidney stone operations!! One hint: an independant agent will know more and will respond to you faster that the agents in the local BCBS office. I used a guy who drove up to Vero from Stuart who knew more than the guys I talked to in the local office here. Much more motivated to help with any problems you have. If you pm me I will get you his name and number.