Anything bigger than a 172 doesnt! The 182/182RG/210 all sink like rocks! It really gets people transitioning up from the 172 when I pull their power in the pattern.
Yeah, the Katana DA20-A1 charts say 2.5miles/1000' altitude...

I try to avoid pulling the engine above 2,500' because it takes a loooong time to get down...You have time to talk about the restart, the Yankee game, your plans for the weekend....
The Diamond Rotax motor glider has a glide-ratio of 27:1; their Diamond Start (DA 40) has a glide ratio of 9:1; Cessna 172's are around 7:1 I think.
To best answer that question, you can do the research yourself. What you need to look at is "Wing Loading". It has EVERYTHING to do with an aircraft's glide ratio. Usually it is measured as a unit of pounds per inch, or per foot. Basically it has to do with how large the aircraft's overall wing area is, versus how much the aircraft weighs at any given time. The lower the wing loading, the better the glide ratio. This information should be available somewhere on most GA aircraft manufacturer websites. Good luck.