Getting started


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Hey guys, i was just wondering if there is a wait on getting enrolled in DCA from scratch? I know you have to wait a while to be an instructor, but if i toured DCA the first week of July could i start as soon as i wanted or would i have to wait....thanks guys
Just give em time to do a backgound check and give youself time to get setup and get the cash! I dont see why it would take more than a couple of weeks.
It took me approx. three weeks to get in from start to finish. I wouldn't recommend trying anything faster than that because I was a little rushed. It does take a couple of weeks for your loan to go through. Also, take your time when looking at schools. You really don't want to rush the decision. Good Luck!!!
Exact same experience as pilot2b. About 3 weeks here, and that was just enough time for the key loan to process....