FSI Tour, what to look out for?


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Hi all,
I will be visiting FSI in October for a tour. I have pretty much decided to attend there but I want to check it out just to be sure.
Would any of you suggest that I look ou for anything? I don't know how comprehensive the tours are but I will be coming prepared with a lot of questions.
Thanks in advance ofr your input!

I went to Pam A, today in FL very nice look for a career placement member someone from the pilot hiring that is helping place pilots. I question why like the CFI takes 4 week at PAn Am and 8 at FS,
What up Spunky? You must be a little off or something.

Pan Am has a CFI course and about a month long backlog for the checkrides. I spoke with a lady there and she said that is what they advertise, but really, the CFI training will take anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on how much and well you fly. Pan Am is a good school im sure, but the FlightSafety program is great. It is also expensive!

Remember, quicker is not always better!
You get what you pay for, and that goes for FlightSafety. The people I know who hire pilot's will take a FSI grad first.

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I when on the tour on FS today was nice the planes looked a little older then PAN AM but, I would say erverything was professional and the staff was excellant. There name maybe part of what you are paying for? The program at FS includes about 20 more ground hours over PAN AM for CFI and they require a Commercial AD on ???
Can any FS student tell me what this really is!!
The Cherokee's probably are older than at Pan Am. But, I'd have to say that they are in great condition. As for maintainance our 100 hr's are done at 60hr. Just helps to detect problems. We are due to get a bunch of new multi's soon, all with the latest GPS. If you take the tour take a look at all our different simulators including the GAT trainer (spacial disorentation). It's cool, but a little expensive.