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Hello All,

I am in the same boat as most people on this forum.. Selling the house, and quitting the job to pursue a career in aviation. Glad to see that their are other people out there like me!!

Trying to make a decision about flight schools that is giving me an ulcer. Currently I have my Private Single and private Multi. By Sept I should have my Multi-instrument and Multi Commercial. At first I was pondering wheter to attend the first officer program at ATA, Gulfstream, Mesa or dreaded PAN-AM.

After checking out this forum I'm leaning towards going to Flight Safety to get my instrcutor ratings and possibly teach there. Can anyone tell me where I would fit into flight safety already having some ratings. Looking forward to touring their Vero Beach site next Friday.


Has anyone ever heard of ASG-JET? Supposedly they are a 135 operation in the US run from the Netehrlands. They promise like 800 hours of Lear jet time working as a first offcier from them. It's like pay for the rightseat and training type thing I think. You have to be multi-commercial to enter this program.

They don't offer very much info on the program, and I e-mailed the owner only to find out there is a selection process. No other information was offered. I plan on going to FSA, but was just wondering if anyone knew anything about these people? www.asg-jet.com
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This sounds, like a text book definition of PFT (pay for training). Some setup, they dont even bother to include the prices for tuition, do your training the old fashion way and let the company that hires you pay for this.

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