Flight Safety it is!!!!!!!


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Well I just wanted to let everyone know, that I have chosen my new home for the next two years. Flight Safety Academy, hands down won my heart. I visited only two schools, on my tour of florida, and i am confident in my decision. I know that i do not have to look at any other schools, because FSA impressed me that much. I just want to say, Thanks to "FSIPilot" for the great tour, and i hope to see you in a month or two.


Mr . XXXXXX (name X'd out to protect the innocent) told the instrument ground school that things will be delayed again, probably until Nov.

At least, that's what someone in that class told me.

I just got something in the mail about ACA being back. What's up with that? Anyone know?

I wish I had a cool Itchy and Scratchy thing or even a good quote. Damn!
In the mail? Snail Mail? It's the ASA program detailed on FSI's website...

oh, it's now back off! (for the time being

ASA is on "hold" again, ACA is coming this week to interview another 8 instructors.
ACA has been decimating the higher time instructor ranks recently which hopefully will help out those guys swimming in the CFI wait pool and others thinking of instructing.