First Flight Airport


BirchJet CA
It's sad and ironic indeed that on the 100th anniversary of the First Flight at Kill Devil Hills, NC, GA pilots won't be allowed to fly in. (covered in other topic)

On a slightly lighter note, though, has anybody made the visit to First Flight Airport and the Wright Brothers Memorial? Just curious what it's like.

I've been there. But I was only 7 or 8 at the time. I am, however, an Honorary Park Ranger there! At the time, you - as a kid - could go around and fill out a "test" and they would give you a patch saying you were a "ranger") I still have the patch, somewhere.

It's neat but I don't remember much.
Went a few months ago for the opening of AOPA's new facility at FFA. Couldn't get in to FFA by air (ramp full) so landed at MQI instead. First Flight is a nice place to drop in, take your walking shoes to climb to the top of the memorial. Always breezy out there ...

Hey, since Bush is there, will the secret service meet the Wright Flyer after the flight for busting the TFR? <grumble>