FedEx A380


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This might be old news, I found it while looking up all those FedEx Executive salaries, and I hadn't seen it before:

Yup, they've been on order for a while now. What I wonder is if they will be the only U.S carrier to operate them and if the A380 will equal higher paid pilots....
At United once the 747-400's came online, I recall seeing somewhere that the those captains were making quite a bit more than the 747-100 captains.... Just wondering if at FedEx the A380 will mean a larger payscale to match the aircraft!!

But maybe not if those pilots end up getting screwed with massive pay cuts......
Either FedEx or UPS pay all of their pilots the same amount regardless of what they fly. I don't remember which, but if FedEx does that, I would imagine that the pay will stay the same.
UPS has (or at least had, unless it has changed) the single pay scale. Perhaps our resident UPS guys can chime in on their opinion on this issue. I would imagine it cuts down on training costs ... guys bidding from aircraft to aircraft seeking better pay. They find whatever suits their commute/QOL/schedule preferences and stay put until upgrade I'd guess.

FedEx currently has two pay rates, narrow and widebody. Both ALPA and flight management appear to want to have individual equipment pay in the next contract. In any event, the A380 would be either under that or as a "tall body", so it will be broken out. Regardless of anything else, at this point I would say that it is improbable that we will be taking any pay cuts.

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