Enroute classes in OKC


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Can someone list all the classes that an OTS will have to take at the academy? I'm looking at the list of ALL the classes they offer & I'm not sure which ones will apply to me.
You will take Air Traffic Basics (50043) as well as the En Route radar training (not sure what the course number is). Plan on being in OKC for about 4 months.
In the FOL it says you will be in OKC for 62 days. That is about 3 months. My boyfriend will be going through the Enroute training also I believe because his facility will be an ARTCC. Does that mean he will actually be there longer than the letter says? Just curious because I need to begin planning the move from NY to VA and also to give my current job an idea of when I will be leaving?
Is he CTI? OTS have to take the basics class, which adds another month or so. Those hired through CTI get to skip it.