dry rentals


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Does anyone have experience with dry rentals. This is hypothetical but if let's say a Cherokee costs $80/h wet, what should I expect for a dry rental price per hour?
You'll have to ask them specifically. Just to give you an example, I used to rent an Arrow that was $65/hr. dry or $95/hr. wet and fuel was reimbursed at $1.80/gallon.
As an example you can get a straight legged 182 around here for $65 or $75 per hour dry. But then you need to figure in the fuel burn in $$$ per hour and add that into the price.

I have NO clue what the 182 burns, but if it's say 12 gallons / hour then that = $35 ish / hour = between $100 - $110 / hour total.

The good news is that you have limited control over the price by use of leaning and choosing where to fill up.

Also places that charge dry rates might have other fine print notes such as a requirement for monthly fees and / or mandatory plane washes.