Doolittle Hall shares a bathroom with 8 people but have 2 in a room.

Then there are all the new dorms which the ones I have seen are like a big apartment, with three bedrooms with 2 people in each and a big living/kitchen that is shared.

If you go on the website I am pretty sure they have the schematic of the layouts depending on the individual hall.
I lived in Wood Hall my first year there. Thats part of the student village. Doolittle is the oldest building on campus, and is "traditional" dorm style. McKay is the ghetto hotel-looking thing behind Doolittle. Wood, Adams, O'Connor, and Stimpson are all the new dorms. Wood/Adams are lowerclassmen dorms- with two people per room. O'Connor/Stimpson are upperclassmen, apartment-style dorms with more in a room. In Wood/Adams, one bathroom is shared between two rooms (four people). Anything in the student village is pretty decent. Rooms in McKay are 2-3 people, depending on what style you get. Doolittle, like I said is a more traditional dorm- two people per room and barely enough for that. The rooms are smaller and you share a bathroom with more people. Hope that helps. Living in the dorms is fun (at first). I'm still good friends with several of the guys in the hall and my roommate from my first semester there.
Wow, I don't even recognize many of those names anymore. I attended from 90-94 and we had McKay Hall, Doolittle Hall, and Chanute Complex. I was an RA in McKay and Chanute and finished up as RD of Chanute. That campus (DB) has changed so much in the last 10 years, it is weird walking through there now.
At daytona Adams Hall has 2 to 3 per room, with a shared bathroom and another 2 to 3 people on the other side.
At PRC, you share a suite with 5 other people. The layout is 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Close quarters, but you get used to it. If you live up in the on-campus apartments, it's 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, though it's much more spacious and you get a kitchen.
There are 3 types of "dorms" at Prescott.
The Freshman dorms for those who want to participate in the program that keeps the freshmen active within the campus. (I can't remember the name of the program, it's been a while since I have worked in the housing office). Anyway, in these halls you share a room and bathroom with one other person. But this is only for the freshmen.

The next type is what is known to the students as the "old halls". These are the original dorms. Yes they have seen better days, but believe me, they have character. There are 6 people in a suite including yourself. There are 2 bathrooms (a large and a small) and a common lounge for the suite. This is one of the best places to live simply because it is easy to hang out on the balconies and in friends lounges and such

The last time is refered to as the "new halls" by the students. Although these halls feature kitchenettes and apartment style rooms, it doesn't necessarily make it better. These halls are very sterile, meaning nothing much goes on there. There are no balconies or places to "naturally hang out" so the level of activity is less.

Anyway. That is the run down of the PRC dorms. They might not be much to look at on the outside, but you make them great places to live by creating the activity that makes the hall fun.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I worked in the housing office for 2 years. I lived there for 2 years as well. I don't think much has changed, but you never know.

Good Luck with everything.
Thanks for your help everyone!

I have another question...

Are on campus jobs avaliable? If so, how much pay do you get and how many hours can you work for?
Jobs are available on campus, but I'd seriously look elsewhere. I just left a job due to a serious pay cut. The deal was clear when I was hired, and they broke it. Business is business, but ERAU looks after their own interests more than the students'.

As for pay, it's purely minimum wage. $5.15/hr, and the hours worked depends on the job.
Thanks for your help everyone!

I have another question...

Are on campus jobs avaliable? If so, how much pay do you get and how many hours can you work for?

Where do students usually look for work at?

[/ QUOTE ]

The guys who I know who made good money worked at a local bar or restaurant.

If you can swing it, working at a place like "Murphy's", "Prescott Mining Company", or the "Gurley Street Grill" (if they still exist
) can make you some serious money in tips. Most of my friends who worked at those places did alright, except you usually had to work late nto the evenings which made it hard to schedule early morning flights.

Also, if you work at a bar, the bad thing is that things are so trendy that everyone will go this week, but in about 6-8 weeks, no one will care any more and find other places. But, if you are lucky enough to ride that crest, you go to parties, tell everyone where you work, and everyone will come frequent you. I have two fraternity brothers who pretty much worked from bar to bar and had their own little cult following that kept them employed.

Finally, there's WalMart, Red Lobster, Carl's Junior, McDonalds.

I also had another fraternity brother who got a part time job at the local Ruger plant as a machinist, and when they offered him the chance to go full-time for something like $12 an hour, he said he couldn't pass it up.

But most people I know ended up working on campus as a grounds maintenance person or working in the service industry downtown at a restaurant or bar. I think more people I know worked off campus than on; bussing tables versus picking up cigarette butts...
"Murphy's", "Prescott Mining Company", or the "Gurley Street Grill" (if they still exist

[/ QUOTE ]

Murphy's is a good "high-end" restaurant... It has been around a long time (since before the mid-80's) and was still there the last time I was in Prescott (a couple months ago)... Gurley Street Grill is still there (however it wasn't there when I was a student so that is a "new" place to me)... Not sure about the Prescott Mining Company...

I know a few guys who are students and work at Red Robin... They make some decent cash (relative term) and work fairly decent hours...

There are plenty of jobs in town to be had... But you will need a car out there, as campus is about 8 miles from downtown.
If you have a car...Pizza Hut is worth a recommendation. I was a waitress there so of course my pay sucked but my then-bf was a delivery driver and he banked pretty good on the paycheck as well as tips. Plus almost all the drivers (except for one iirc) were Riddle students.

The one I worked at wasn't the one near the YCC Campus it was the other one..forgot the road name...but anyhow...the manager George Weekes is an absolute riot and a good boss.
When I lived on campus it started as a Dual T1, then they switched to a DS1 line. They're both pretty terrible. Enjoy!