Disneyland Blue Bayou


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Yes, its the better end of the food. You can also go to the restaurant, with out going to Disneyland. And I think they have booze.


I used to love that one as a kid. I think we ate there almost everyday we were there.


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It's pretty spendy. ~$30 per adult meal ($12 to share a plate). If its not kid-worthy we can pass on it. Just curious whether it's worth it in an already expensive vacation.


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Yes, you can miss it and I would spend the cash on the theme breakfast, if that's what your into.


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I think the lunch/dinner is better spent at the Big Thunder Ranch behind Big Thunder railroad attraction. All you can eat BBQ and the food is delicious.

Also visit the walk up window behind the New Orleans cafe by the rail road station for a Mint Julep drink, pretty scrumptious!