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April 6th… The date of my last post. Please excuse me while I check my pulse!

I truly hope this little note finds everyone excelling in their distinctive goals aviation related and otherwise. As for me, I have been busy doing a lot of thinking lately, amongst other things, and I’m still not positive that I’ve reached a firm decision on my life plans, but I’m diligently working on it.

To start, I quit my job as a restaurant server, which I despised anyway, in pursuit of a means to make a decent living without having to work for someone else. I decided on a lawn care business and shortly after my last post on the 6th of April, I began to acquire my clientele and eventually my equipment. I now have 25 clients, which is enough to keep me busy, but not enough to make me the next Bill Gates!

Being a business owner, as I am learning everyday, is hard work, but the idea of being my own boss and having a completely flexible schedule makes the effort well worth it. When I say “hard work” I’m really not even talking about the physical aspect so much, but more the business side. Things like organizing the company formally as a sole proprietorship or as a corporation, something I’ve yet to decide on, and also assuming the role of head secretary, organizing customer files and doing all the misc. paperwork that’s involved.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make in telling you all about this, is that it has really made me stop and think about my future goals and what it is that I want out of life. The reality is that I like flying, very much, but I love the prospect of having a family and enjoying the “family life” even more. Thus I’m looking for that happy median. It seems clear as day to me that the answer is not in airline flying, or any other flying career for that matter. Ultimately I want to be able to provide for my family in the form of financial well-being, but more importantly, in the form of time. As we all know, most airline captains severely lack the latter.

I believe the answer lies in business ownership. I’m not necessarily talking about a lawn care business specifically, but business ownership in general. I firmly believe that this path is the most efficient way for me to achieve happiness, success, and financial freedom. As for the flying, it is now, and always has been my dream to have my own airplane. I think aircraft ownership will fit the bill nicely to fulfill my desire to be airborne.

As always I would love to hear all of your thoughts and ideas… I have immense reverence for the opinions of all the Jetcareers gang, so shoot!

Glad to be back,

Flyitup...great to hear from you! I've had a lot of the same thoughts myself at times, and whatever you pursue I wish you the best of luck. Do keep us posted on your endeavors, flying and otherwise, though!

Hye Flyitup- You know, just the other day I thought to my self about that guy flyitup on jetcareers who used to post alot. It's good to have you back, and I wish you the best of luck trying to figure out what it is you want to do.
Re: Decisions, Decisions…

Flyitup - we all do soul-searching. It's a good thing!

Keep up the yard service. Work hard at it and if you do decide that you still want to pursue a career in aviation, you'll have a great way to supplement your income.

Good luck and keep us posted!!

Re: Decisions, Decisions…

Flyitup, man, I'm sure that was tough bidding your time out and trying to figure your direction. Finally you made a chioce, even though you were pulled in different directions.

Life is funny, and you never know what is around the corner, time will tell. Part of you has one hand on the lawnmower and secure biz, and the other has one on the yoke, still in the clouds.

Best of luck in your biz, and hopes for the dream in the clouds.
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Flyitup, you've still got lots of time to make different decisions and explore your options. If you leave flying for a while, and then find you still want to get back into it as a career later down the road, then you'll know the career was meant for you. It sounds like if you stay in flying, you will be regretting opportunites you've missed exploring other careers. I'm assuming there though. Anyway, don't fret about it.

Like the comedian, Paula Poundstone said (or however you spell her name) "Do you know why adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up?" It's because we're looking for ideas!
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I recently made a very tough decision. I have decided to focus my career path back to the fire and ems service. I did alot of soul searching and realized that this is what I like to do,plus I will not be sitting around for the next 5 years waiting for a job to open up (I currently am working for a Phoenix area fire department in support ops as an EMT). I will never give flying up as a hobby, I just think my calling was to be out on the streets helping people. And yes, I do question my decision sometimes, but im doing what I believe is right for me.