Couple of Questions!


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#1) For the people that want to instruct, why does Pan AM make them do the ACE (crj training) program? They are not going to be instructing in a CRJ!

#2) Why does Pan Am claim that they are part 141, but prefer their students to do everything Part 61? This is especially peculiar at a place like Pan Am that wants to make mucho dinero off their students, in which they would make more money by having them do it Part 141.

Am I taking crazy pills? I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!!!
1. The reason Pan Am wants people to do Ace in order to instruct is because we've had people from outside being hired as instructors who haven't even gone to school here. Now that Pan Am has plenty of students in the program they want to hire their own people. It's not just the Ace program, they want to hire people who have done the whole program.

2. I have never heard of Pan Am encouraging students to go part 61. They explain the differences between the two programs and then allow the students to decide which is best for them. The 141 syllabus is a more structured program with usually more stage checks. I have found that most students prefer part 61 because it is flexible. Our 141 students use part 141 because they generally are receiving VA benefits.
I talked to 2 employees of Pan Am (one at the Orlando Office-a marketing rep, and one at the DVT location-not sure her title) and both said that Pan AM is Part 141, but we encourage our students to do it Part 61. That makes no sense. I will call back and get an answer, I should have asked the first time, but I do not know why I did not.

Thanks for the response.
My old flight school had part-141 status for marketing, but we trained our students under part-61 because it was a lot more user-friendly.
You'll get more multi for the same money, and the program is ordered different to be similar to Riddle's program. 141 sucks for a multitude of other reasons, which I won't go into. Don't worry about quality, you'll get the same instruction at Pan Am no matter if you go 61 or 141.
Hey Doug,

In one of the other Pan Am post, you said that FMS training would be good if it was economical, and that you would not pay a premium for it. What is a premium, perhaps $7,000? Not trying to put you on the spot, but Pan Am advertises somewhere around $7,0000. Is this "highway robbery?"
The ACE program is what makes Pan Am different from other schools. In the current market conditions, where you can't walk three feet without tripping over a new CFI, Pan Am can make pretty much whatever requirements they see fit.
Let's look at the ACE for what it I first became familiar with Pan Am when it was on the "old" program. Back then you took ACE after 800 hours of instruction. To me that makes more sense, as you are within a few months of going to an airline and flying the CRJ. What PA doesn't sell is the fact that $7,000 is not going into your logbook. If it gets you through airline training, it is money well spent. But that money could buy a lot of multi time, or as one PA instructor advised me, a type rating. It's surely not for everyone. But has many pros and many cons.

Where have I been you may ask....busy. Many have tried to find the true identity of Americana. My criticism of PA is some things good, some things bad. Call 'em as I see them. The ACE guy at FPR was let go this week anybody know why? I thought he was one of the few good guys.
Hey Dakovich, yeah, Mr Rob got da boot. Lots of rumors going around, appears DVT wants more control. Who knows though? How's Buffalo going?
damn, i can't believe they gave Rob the axe. he was really one of the guys i looked up to there, and one of the reasons i would have stayed had things been different for me back home. gimme a private message and let me know some of the rumors about what happened, because that piece of info really suprised me.