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Does anyone use a computer program to back up their log book. I am about half way through my logbook and started thinking that it would be a good idea to back it up incase one day I lose it. What programs do you use or how do some of you guys do it??
I use Logbook Pro as my only means of logging flight time. Every time I fill up a page, I print it out. I also keep a backed up copy on CD-RW. That way I have 3 copies of my logbook, including one hard copy and I only have to enter the information once. The search and filter capabilities along with the really professional prinout make it the only way to go for professional pilots, in my book.

I use flitesoft pilot logbook v5.1... I still keep a written record however I fill it out each day after work when I am done instructing. Then I save it on the network computer then transfer the disk home and update it here. Once i have filled a page oout I simply verify the times and write in the totals on the computer. Pretty easy to do. I got it for free, not nearly as nice as logbook pro but it gets the job done. A friend of mine gave it to me so im not sure where to get it but I have logged 1350 hours on it so far. I back it up on a disk, home computer and work computer so if one fails I should be able to find something else to back it up with.
If you are looking to save some dough, check out It is a web based free basic logbook. You can even share the logbook and link to it if you want. You can access it from any web connection s well. Another thing I would do is make a paper copy of each page once you have filled it out.
Ditto on the LogbookPro. I love it.

What I am doing now is using LP to log all of my flight time. I back it up onto a CD once a month. I am also still keeping written logbooks in a safe deposit box at the bank I use. Once a month or so, I will go get the current paper logbook, update it, make a copy of the latest page, then take the book back to the bank, and put the copies in my safe at home. Might be anal, but it doesn't take too much time, and its pretty much a failsafe way to avoid getting screwed somehow.
I use logbook pro. you can download it and try it out (50 entries) for free. I still use the paper logbook, but use logbook pro as a backup. It is so easy to calculate hours for applications too.
If I buy logbook pro will it let me have more than one log book on there. When I went to their website it said something like it allows you to put it on one computer and only one pilot. So If I wanted to use it for my sisters logbook and my own can I do that or do I have to order one of the more expensive ones??
not sure why this thread is in this forum but I started using logshare after reading about it from fly4free.

After just 53 entries my fingers are very tired but it's a very cool program. Glad I started logging my time on the computer now before I really start to pile on the hours!

Half the fun is looking at other pilots' logbooks online.
Yeah when I started this thread I thought I was putting it in a different topic box thing. (whatever you call it) These darn computers are suppose to make things easier I thought!!!
logbook pro has a couple different versions. One logbook/One computer is the chapest, they also have One logbook/two computers and they even offer multiple logbooks. Of course the price goes up with the extra options. I just got the one logbook/one computer program.
is there any chance that the online system might become a subscription service- its free now, but what about after another year, when they find that they have to support their server. Will we be stuck with either having no logbook available or paying some exorbitant fee?
A digital camera is another great way to backup your logbook. Just snap a picture of each page, and save the jpg files on a CDROM.
I created a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel to back up my logbook. It works great but I dont know how worthy it is in the eyes of the FAA or an employer. Do logbooks need to be certified?
If anyone wants a copy send me a PM.
Do logbooks need to be certified?

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Not really. An instructor I used to work with up here lost his logbook. Instructing was just his side job, so he could fill in all his time from old invoices. He did this in Excel, and the FSDO told him to get it notarized and it would be fine.
How do you print out your records? Regular printer paper? Special paper?

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I use legal size- 8.5" x 14".
I will put in another plug for Logbook Pro. I found it to be well worth the money. I had also made an excel spreadsheet, but the reports and currency stuff that logbook pro can do is beyond the realm of a spreadsheet. Plus it will print in other logbook formats.
with Logbook Pro, you can use regular paper and print out a two-page spread (like a Jeppesen logbook) on 8.5x11, or you can use legal size paper (might be able to get it all on one page that way), or you can dig a little deeper into your pockets and buy a nice leather binder and special paper to go in it and print it out on that. If you're looking to fly professionally and are i the process of searching for a job, or will be, the last option is the one I recommend. It produces a really nice end result.

A couple dumb questions....
If you get a computer logbook do you just print it out and then take that exclusively to an interview.
IF you transfer all you time from the paper log to a pc you obviously can't tranfer signoffs or other signatures from your training days, does that matter?