Combat Sim Friday


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If anyone else is as unfortunate as me to have nothing better to do on a Friday evening than play Combat Sim, I will be hosting an online game this evening around 8 PM.(EST) The name will be Jetcareers and the password will be "aileron". Doug I know I scared you off with my aerial supremacy, but if you do decide to show up....check your six
I should be able to stop by for a bit!

I've been practicing though!
Wait a second, I have no idea what this is. Where do you go to get on? Is it a pay site? Do you use yokes and pedals or what?
It's an online gaming thing that's free. I don't have the game but I bet that somewhere there is a button where you can play online.
Doug, I think there was something wrong with the game tonight, perhaps my PC because it was not playing like it should.....where you having any problems?