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Well, I FINALLY have my private checkride on friday. Im nervous. I know I can do all of the maneuvers, but practicing yesterday I dont feel I performed to my standards. My instructor said it was just the jitters, and is very confident of me. Anyway, any words of wisdom and concelation would be appreciated. eeek.
Don't be afraid to admit you are making a mistake during the ride. If you notice you are making a mistake correct for it and be sure to let the DE know what you are doing. By admiting the istake and adjusting accordingly, the DEwill see your judgemetn side and look kindly on that.
I had an experience very similar to yours. The day before the checkride my instructor and I went up to 'practice' and I flew HORRIBLY! It seemed like I couldn't do anything right...

The day of the checkride I flew much better, but still make a few mistakes. Like fly4free said, don't be afraid to admit to your mistakes... The DE, of course, is already going to be aware of it.

Just try to relax, and I'm sure you'll do just fine!

Good luck!

Every one of my two check rides I have done something that looked stupid, and that I thought I failed for. But I told the DE I messed up and fixed it. The DE never said anything more about it and I passed both.

In a class on Safety Factors while still in school, the instructor(ex. Capt and instructor at Continental), said that you can never teach a pilot to never make mistakes, because we are human. But what is bad is when the pilot makes a mistake and doesn't see it, or sees the mistake but tries to make it work. He said that when he was in the training dept that was a policy that they began to work with at Continental. Its true and I think most DE will have that policy too.
I signed off A LOT of students when I was instructing (I had nearly a 100% pass rate--only one fx). Anyway, It was almost always my experience that students actually performed quite poorly just before their checkrides. I used to joke that their worst flight would be the one just before the checkride.

I think that nerves and performance anxiety cause these problems. If you're like many pilots, you'll find that when you get into the checkride you'll calm down and perform quite well. Try not to evaluate yourself only on your last few flights. Look at the "big picture" and that you've consistently been performing pretty well with a couple of flights that were less than perfect.

Have faith in your abilities and in your CFI. Remember that your CFI is as concerned with your success on the checkride as you are. Pass/Fail rates are a big deal to CFI's. A high pass rate means an easy CFI renewal, bragging rights, and a good way to attract new students. A high fail rate means possible job loss and in some instances, a visit from the FSDO. A few years ago in Wisconsin, the FAA was visiting CFI's with a 70% PASS rate or less and in some cases re-doing their CFI checkrides (yikes). So, just remember that your CFI probably would never have signed you off if you were not ready.

Anyway, good luck and let us know how it goes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather!
I've also got a checkride on Friday, although its for my instrument license. I've been nervous for about the last 3 weeks, and I'm so ready to get this over with I'm almost not nervous now. To make things worse, I haven't flown since Monday of LAST week. Combination of bad weather, and my instructor had a problem one day. My checkride isn't until 2pm, and my instructor wants to know if I want to practice the approaches before my checkride...Somedays this would be a good idea, but others not. Some days when I get done, my brain is sooo exhausted from all of the stress and thinking, and others I feel fine. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions if I should go up that day or not.

Ok, so I am incrediblynervous, but I've been trying not to think of it as much lately, so hopefully I won't be so jittery when I'm actually flying. If the wind isn't bad, I'll feel pretty confident, but if not, well, we'll see I guess. I'll keep everyone posted.

Good luck on your checkride too!

What airport are you training from? Didn't you start out in Tulsa at Riverside?

You'll have to refresh my memory.

Good luck on the ride by the way... I'm sure you'll do fine!
Close, I started in Stillwater with Oklahoma State. I did that for one semester, got my private and transfered to Kansas State. Not Salina though, I'm on main campus getting a business degree. I'm flying from the Manhattan airport for a lot cheaper than OSU, but part 61. You still training for you instrument?
That's right... Good ole' OSU!

You still training for you instrument?

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I'm planning on finishing it up this winter. I didn't have time to fly much this summer... I'm definitely looking forward to it!
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