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Anyone have any experiance with the USAF's aero club here? I am wondering how available their aircraft and instructors are. i have spoken to them but looking for someone who has first-hand student side knowledge.

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Hey shooter13:

I have not had any first-hand student experience with the CHS AFB Aero Club but I do know some folks who visit there regularly. They say it's pretty good. I know that the designated examiner they use is pretty thorough but fair. I had him on my multi-engine checkride. The Aero Club runs a tight ship and you will need to follow all of their rules on top of what the FAA wants you to follow. Most of them are for safety purposes only and are very reasonable. Things like no turning off runway heading until you have used the entire length of the runway for climbout (if anyone wants an explanation of why this is good practice, I can give at least two). They are also very checklist-oriented.

I take lessons at ProFlight on Johns Island (JZI). That's the best school in Charleston if you can't get into the Aero Club (I can't because I am not current or former military). Believe me, I have done the research on all of them.


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Hey thanks for the reply! I looked at proflight. I liked them because the airport on John's Island isn't nearly as busy. I plan to go to the aero club though becuase it is part 141... I can use VA bennies there. Its cool to see someone local on Jet Careers!