Average Age


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I'm curious about the average age of students in the career pilot program is, and, by extension, of ATP's instructors. Are most thirtysomething career changers?
Well, Socal's.. 50-something. (He's had plastic surgery done.)

On a more serious note; He's 30-something, I'm 30, there are a few other around this age, but mostly it's people in their mid twenties.

I'am also 24 and will be starting ATP within the year. My questions is this: Does it make sense to go through ATP's PPL program? I know they offer the PPL at a low rate along with the main accelerated program but what is the advantage/disadvantage? I am a beginner pilot but feel like this FBO pace is way to slow for me. I will be looking at the Manassas, VA ATP.
You need the PPL b/c you'll want to know going in that this is definitely what you want to do with your life. I have a friend teaching at Spartan and the drop-out rate is high b/c people just go in thinking flying is a cool career but don't understand or care to explore how much dedication and hard work is required to actually reach your goal. However a downside to getting your PPL before going is that you need to start off with good habits like always checking checklists and not developing bad habits. Just my thought.