ATP Prof. Pilot Program Contract


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I emailed ATP and asked them if its possible to send me a copy of the contract needed to be signed when enrolled to the program. They wrote me they cant do that, and that my next step is to pay $100 and do an interview..
This sounds suspicious. What do you think guys?
That's proprietary information! It isn't very sound to send out drafts of a blank contract to people who may or may not attend.

There is no double-speak in it, it is very straightforward and clear, and there are no new surprises sprung on you the last second.

It's this simple: you arrive here confident in your ability and aptitude, arrive willing to learn and willing to work hard, and we'll get you the ratings.

It certainly is not for everyone, but ATP has nothing to hide.
Its not suspicious at all. Flight Safety won't send you anything major until you send them your initial deposit and application fee. Then you get the enrollment agreement which puts on paper everything you already know anyway. I'm sure ATP does it pretty much the same. Even after this, most states allow you to cancel a contract within 3 days of signing. So at most, you might be out $100 dollars if you get cold feet after mailing it in.