anyone in texas, oklahoma?


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I was looking at taf and radar and saw texas and ok getting hammered by storms. one taf was calling for wind variable20gusting40.

no thanks
you getting hail and thunderstorms today? ojne airport in texas had 700 ovc and the winds were all over the place.
a few T-storms..... we got a little hail last night, but nothing big enough to do any damage.... there's a line right now just SW of OKC that's heading our direction that looks pretty mean.... I noticed the winds around here were all over the place too.
We're not getting much in the way of wind, but we've been hammered by thunderstorms all day long up north of you.
Yeah, I figure I'll take the 150 up after work and get some nice level 5 T/S IMC time........ ha...... yeah right.....
I'm not there right now but this is a METAR near Houston:

KSGR 041953Z 16019G26KT 10SM BKN020 OVC025 23/21 A2974 RMK AO2 PK WND 14035/1915 LTG DSNT NE-S TSB14E30RAE1858B15E42 SLP078 P0003 T02280206

I don't think my backyard is ever going to dry out...
Here's Tulsa, Okmulgee (15 miles south of Tulsa), OKC, and NW Arkansas Regional.

KRVS 042053Z 18013KT 10SM BKN040 OVC060 21/15 A2951 RMK AO2 LTG DSNT W-NE RAB09E35 SLP998 P0001 60001 T02060150 56042

KTUL 042053Z 18011KT 10SM BKN035 BKN044 OVC060 19/16 A2951 RMK AO2 RAB19E42 SLP989 P0002 60002 T01940161 56040

KOKM 042053Z AUTO 19029KT 10SM SCT038 SCT049 OVC060 21/16 A2952 RMK AO1 LTG DSNT NE AND SW

KOKC 042052Z 15014G23KT 3SM -TSRA BR BKN027 OVC038CB 17/16 A2944 RMK AO2 TWR VIS 4 TSB44RAB33 SLP965 FRQ LTGICCC S-W TS S-W MOV NE P0003 60004 T01720156 58055 $

KXNA 042053Z 16019G27KT 10SM FEW032 19/14 A2957 RMK AO2 PK WND 16031/2004 SLP004 60001 T01940144 56058

I can't believe the 190 @ 29kts at OKM...... UGH!!!
The area between here (Austin) and Dallas along I-35 has been getting hammered pretty hard for the past few days. Austin is under a severe thunderstorm and tornado watch and it's raining right now. We haven't had anything too bad yet, but the worst is supposed to be arriving this afternon. I was supposed to take my CFI 'ride at DAL yesterday but that got scrubbed, of course.

KAUS 041806Z 041818 16015G20KT 3SM -RA BR OVC015
TEMPO 1819 1SM -RA BR BKN008
FM2000 15015G25KT P6SM SHRA SCT015 BKN030CB
TEMPO 2123 17020G30KT 1SM +TSRA BKN007 BKN030CB
FM2300 22010KT P6SM SCT030 BKN100
FM0400 VRB03KT P6SM SCT200
Thats what they call a norther... I love those storms, they are fun to watch rolling in (when not flying of course).

When I moved to FL people talked about "crosswinds" and "gusts", and I was like, what winds? I took my checkride with winds 13G20 because thats about the best we got up at GTU in the early spring. I remember one time my CFI and I flew into AUS so I could get some practice with ATC about an hour before one of those storms blew in, and we had a 40kt GS (according to ATC) on 90 indicated in the tommy.

One time (about 4 years ago when I was in college), the temp (in Austin) dropped from about 75 to 40 in an hour or two (this was in early Dec). I know because I worked at radioshack at the time and we had all those indoor/outdoor thermometers on display. That was a cool storm...
KDFW 042057Z COR 24034G50KT 1/4SM R17C/1600V5500FT +TSRA FG FEW002 SCT013 OVC019CB 18/17 A2961 RMK AO2 OCNL LTGIC OVHD-NE TS OVHD-NE MOV NE PK WND 25050/2055 WSHFT 2041 PRESRR P0022

God love the midwest!

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Exactly. Sunday after taking my brother up to school in Warrensburg, comming back into Spirit(SUS) winds were 17017G28 with a possible 10kt windshear advisory on final. Not exactly the most fun to land in especially when the runway alignment at SUS is 8-26. And this was when the winds were dying down for the evening.
One time (about 4 years ago when I was in college), the temp (in Austin) dropped from about 75 to 40 in an hour or two

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That happened to me when I was in high school. Had a football game, and it was 75 degrees. We all went out after that, and when we left to go home at 1am, there was 2 inches of snow on the ground.....that was freakin nuts!!
anyone know what they put in the taf/metar for tornadoes? anything special? or just wind information....