Anyone here from SIU


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Hey everyone,
I was just seeing if anyone here went to, or is still going to, SIU. I graduated from there in Aug 2002. It just seems like all of the schools in this forum are well represented except SIU.
I attended (and almost graduated, my wife did) the dirty step-child of SIUC, SIUE.

The wife did attend SIUC for a year or two.

Finishing up my BA in about two weeks, though so it all worked out I guess.
I went to SIUC, but wasn't in the aviation program there. SIUC - the best five to seven years of your life!
I went to school (or should I say survived) in Carbondale. Nothing beats LaRoma's (now closed
) Monday special with the huge pepsi!

I majored in Elementary Education. I had lots of friends who were aviation majors that fly for the airlines or armed forces now.

Hey mavmb1, my parents live out in AZ and last time I went out to Phoenix I met a BUNCH of people who went to school in Carbonjail.
I've been a Carbonite for the last 2.5 years. I graduate this Saturday!!!!!!!! I'm going to miss Quatro's for sure as well as 17th St. BBQ in Murphysboro. These last couple of years have definitly been crazy.
I went to SIU, but I was not in the aviation program . Graduated in 98'.........Hey did you know Dominic T.
I was in the aviation program for two semesters before I changed majors. Don't remember a Dominic. There was a lot of students and the enviornment at the airport made it difficult to meet a lot of the students unless you lived in the dorms on the aviation floor. No thanks on that, I took the apartment!
Im still here. All I have left is Kaps's Labor class over intersession. I am from Cali, so Ive been doing the 18 credit hr./sem. to get the hell out of here. Its been fun if you like Keystone, LaBamba's, Quatros, annoying Chicago kids, lol, and taking the strip. I was AF but LeLand and Kristie can kiss my 4th point of contact. Getting ready to go to ATP, if any of you have let a Saluki know. "Drink like a Champion Today"
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Im still here. All I have left is Kaps's Labor class over intersession. I am from Cali.

Is this Dominic...went to Carmel high, originally from Mundelein, IL

How did they do at Nationals this year?

May 2001 Alumni here...Now flying a 'jetscream 31' out of Florida. Anyone know when TSA or PSA are going to call me??? LOL
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I went to SIUC, but wasn't in the aviation program there. SIUC - the best five to seven years of your life!

[/ QUOTE ]

When were you in C'dale? I grew up there and began attending SIU in 1988 before I er uh, "left".

Re: mavmb1

I started at SIUC in 94. I heard the 1980s at SIUC caused a national party school reputation!
Re: mavmb1

yeah, growing up there was pretty strange. There were some pretty crazy parties. Especially halloween. Unfortunately stupid people ruin cool things and that came to an end when people got the bright idea of throwing full beers into the air in the middle of a crowd.

I can also remember a springfest, well several actually, but one in particular where some fools tipped a car over and lit it on fire. Dumb.

Some people just can't have fun without •ing it up for everybody else.

Unfortunately(or fortunately depending on how you look at it), SIU swallowed me whole and I decided that the idea of being in a band and getting free beer for playing music was a lot cooler than going to that 8:00am lecture at Lawson Hall. And it was! Cooler that is...

Hey everyone,

I just noticed this board from a link on I see that there is some talk about SIU. I have been at SIU for a year now, and have been instructing since then. Carbondale doesn't seem like a bad little college town, I just wonder if it would exist without the university.
I start SIUC's aviation management B.S. degree program this fall. I'll be attending the satelite campus at Mt SAC in Walnut CA. soon as I finish up my A.S. degree in comercial aviation. Looks like a great program.

Anybody else in the forum from Mt SAC?
I did the Mt.SAC SIUC degree. It was awesome. Unlike other 'distance learning' or 'extended campus' programs, SIU actually cares about the students and you get the same education value as an on-campus student. Hell, we may be on the other side of the country, but I had Dr. Kapps and Dr. Ruiz personally teach classes at MtSAC. Jeanne Scott is the best academic advisor you'll ever meet, she treats us all like we're her kids and will put in a ton of extra effort to help you out (and she makes great cookies).

You'll get a better education than Riddle (I transfered from there) for a fraction of the cost. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. Good luck, and have fun!