Airplane Graveyards


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When a plane is sent from an airline to the desert I know that they usually strip it of all the good parts. But can you ever go visit the sites where the planes are, or are they just off limits? I just think that it would be pretty cool to see some of the vintage airliners.
I would always love to visit Mohave, and just hop into a plane and check it out some, I know that would be VERY VERY awsome, but since L1011 said it was off limits, looks like it won't be happening
Some planes though that are sent to the desert and just there for storage. Delta put some MD11's out there. Alot airlines use the desert for storage.
last night on fear factor there was a stunt performed on a runway in the desert...there were old planes all over the place. looked to me like one could just fly in there and land and check em out...but i am sure its not that easy. very nice runway though.
You cannot inspect them up close, but anyone can drive by and see the parking lot. Its definately an amazing sight to see. They are not far off the road.