Airline Tycoon Game


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I was just woundering if anyone at JC plays Airline Tycoon First Class/Evolution. It is a really fun little game and I was just interested to know who owns it. If you do maybe we can host a game sometime and see who's the better tycoon
I have both the Airport Tycoon & Airline Tycoon games, but not the evolution of Airline Tycoon. I don't even play them anymore b/c they both suck. Instead, I wanted something that was more realistic so I looked around & found another airline game called 'AIRLINE' & it's a cool game. Here is the link:

You can order it off the website. The company is located in Australia, but if you happen to live in America then it shouldn't take long to get to you. Maybe two weeks at the most. Mine got here pretty fast. I was surprised.
Evolution is really good, it really beats First Class and the regular one. And yes it is different than the lame airport tycoon.
Airport Tycoon really really sucked. No matter what I did I could never get airline contracts...and I was always losing money. I had friends that got airline contracts and all but couldn't fiigure out how to get the jetways to actually connect to the terminal from the plane.

I thought about buying the new Airport Tycoon games but if they suck as much as that one I don't want it.

Although this AirLINE Tycoon games sounds neat. Any suggestions on which version to get?
If you are buying I would suggest Airline Tycoon Evolution, but if you would like to try the slightly less fun one is available to download at Kazaa.
I have Airlines 2 and it is really complicated, you have to memorize the manual if you want to start a successful airline (lots of rules and restrictions). Otherwise its a great game!