Advice on the best route to go


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I am in the decision making process of either attending a local FBO, or going to a reputable Aviation Academy. I would like to start flying for a career as soon as possible, and leave my current stupid job(mailman, yuk!), but I want to make sure I take the absolute best route possible for my training. Anyone with ANY suggestions/comments would help and be very much appreciated.
Consider the financial aspect: how much $$$ can you put into this. Generally figure about 15-20% over what "they" advertise. especially with the 141 schools (FSI, ERAU, PAN AM, etc). Do you have the money saved up now or do you have to work while you fly? Generally, the 141 schools are VERY demanding of your time, leaving little for extra work. Local FBO (part 61, mostly) are more layed back

Can you re-locate: can you move to AZ, FL, etc. Or are you established where you are? if the latter, than an local FBO.

Do you have a family to spend time with? Again Big schools leaves little extra time.

How soon is soon? Do you need the certs NOW, or are you relaxed about it: when the time comes. Big schools are more fast paced.

Finally, how much help do you need? Most of the Big schools: (FSI, Westwind (bad), ATP, Pan AM) expect you to learn more on your own. Little schools will generally help out more.

Leave anything out? I'm sure you've already checked out the Education pages.