A&P schooling Apprenticeship question.


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I am currently attending an A&P school
Getting my associates in it. I have resently started working at a flight school/FBO and there is an opportunity for me to do an apprenticeship for my A&P there.
Would I be able to count my apprenticeship towards my schooling?...
I know they both have 2 different time and experience requirements.
It would be very beneficial for me todo this and while I was in highschool I worked for IA's and the guys from the FAA told me thst I can count that time towards my A&P.
But would the apprenticeship count towards time for my schooling?
Figured I would throw this up on here for some help/advice.

I am 19 with a PPL trying to pursue both avenues of aviation.

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Not unless your school's syllabus allows for some kind of credit for this behavior. You either graduate from a school approved by the FAA or do an apprenticeship. There is no combination, but perhaps some schools have gotten approval to give a sort of life credit thing -- in which case you would still be graduating from an approved school, just sooner.
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Yes, you should be able to count those hours. Just keep a record of how long, what you do and have the A&P sign it.