time building

  1. aaman256

    Looking for time building partners in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area

    Hey everyone, looking to build about 30 hours X-country PIC time as quickly as I can. I know a few reputable places to rent a C172 in KTMB, KOPF and KFXE. If anyone is interested in flying with me as a safety pilot and logging some PIC time let me know! Also if anyone owns an airplane and is...
  2. S

    Time Build for CPL

    Hello All. I am currently working to get current and also plan to work on getting my IR currency immediately following. I have purchased flight sim yoke, rudder pedals and throttle, along with Xplane 11 to help me get the procedures back. I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions/tips to...
  3. R

    Helicopter Time building just south of Chicago 2018 R44

    Hello all, We are looking to possibly do some time building in an R44 Raven I, but there has to be enough interest to make it happen. It is for rated pilots who want to build time or just go fly. However, if you need a flight review, work with autos, or something I will be around. The rate will...
  4. R

    Helicopter Time building just south of Chicago 2017 $150 an hr

    Hello all, I am a CFI in northern Illinois and I have access to a nice 2013 R22. It will be going up for time building in early to mid December. It is for rated pilots who want to build time. However, if you need a flight review, work with autos, or something I will be around (I'm not...
  5. awbmof

    SEA Area Multi Time Building

    Good Morning, I am at 35 hours total multi time, and I require additional multi-time. Does anybody have suggestions on options for building multi time in the Seattle area? I have one place where I could rent an airplane, but I am open to getting checked out at another operation if anybody is...
  6. airplane401

    Part 135 vs CFI for time building?

    If you have 500 hours total time, 50 multi, 200 xc, 100 instrument, would you apply to a part 135 company to build hours or get your CFI? I found companies that will hire first officers at the following: Planesense - 500TT Tradewinds - 600TT Ameriflight - 500TT Countour Aviation - 500TT Cape...
  7. pilotbry

    SkyLens now accepting resumes for 2017-18 Season

    SkyLens Aerial Imaging is now accepting resumes for the 2017-2018 season. Minimum Requirements: 21 years of age or over 250 hrs total time. 10 hrs C172. Legal to work in US FAA issued Single Engine Land Commercial pilot certificate IFR rated and competent Class 2 or 1 Medical Certificate...
  8. Adam S.

    Looking to Build time in NorCal

    Greeting All, I'm a Commercial SEL Pilot w/ Instrument rating, 260+ hours, located in the Northern California/Sacramento/Elk Grove area in search of a pilot buddy to build some time with. I'm active-duty military for the last 10 years as an aircraft mechanic/aircrew so I'm familiar with...
  9. Nprice

    Need Instruction/ Building Time?

    Limited Time - Dual $110 per hour (Airplane/Fuel/Instructor) in a Cessna 150. Minimum 5 hour block to be completed in a single day. We can do private or commercial work, airport hop, whatever you'd like. We'll have fun! Send a PM. Located in Columbia, SC.
  10. cadbury

    Time Building

    I am looking somebody to do time building (for my ATP) with. Perhaps, later half of this year (around July 2017?). 1. I am not picky about the condition of the airplane. 2. I need to clock >500 hours. 3. I am willing to travel to meet you. If you can host me, that will be great! 4. I have no...
  11. N

    Time-Building Daytona Beach, FL $47/hr Wet

    Hey Guys and Gals, I would like to build another 250-300 hours in the course of 4-5 months. I am looking to rent from Air America Flight Center. They have a Cessna 172L that they charge $94/hr or $890/10 hour block which we would split 50/50. Come and fly for as long as you need. About The...
  12. Vadim

    Cessna 150 $65/hr (Lets split it) Rochester, NY

    We have a Cessna 150 in Rochester, NY (KROC) for $65 an hour wet, I am a PPL with 190hrs working on SEL-Instrument/Commercial and want to build xcountry time towards commercial and ATP. [due to my job, i can only fly saturdays and sundays], id like to put atleast 10 hrs saturday and 10 hrs...
  13. L

    Central Florida hour building $55ph

    Hi, Is there anyone in the Orlando, Sanford, Kissimmee, Daytona area looking to split some flight time? I'm willing to fly as much as you like and split the costs.
  14. S

    Time building

    Commercial pilot close to ATP mins looking to build time fast. I don't have my own plane, but have flight benefits and a flexible schedule.
  15. B

    500+TT in East Central Florida

    Currently have just over 500 hours, CFI, Commercial multi/single with an instrument rating and earned my private glider a few years back. Looking for something in the area outside of CFI work. Thanks!
  16. T

    Time building Florida 50/50 cost w/ CFII to ATP mins.

    I am looking to time build 100-150 hrs to reach my ATP mins. I have access to various aircraft that range in price from $100-140 per hour. I am looking to split the cost 50/50. I am a flight intructor with turbine experience. We can negotiate some training into the time building if you'd like...
  17. Seth150

    Time Build Cessna 150 Minnesota (KANE) - I'll supply the airplane, you pay for gas plus $3/hr.

    Looking for safety pilot(s) to split costs to build 150+ hours of cross country to meet ATP minimums. I own a 1974 Cessna 150L that is IFR certified (see photo below). I'll supply the airplane, you pay for fuel, plus $3/hr to offset oil changes. Current average price for 100LL AvGas in eastern...
  18. J

    Build Time for Commercial

    Hey all, I'm looking for people who want to split time with some one for their ATP or Commercial. I currently am at around 160 hours and just need to build 80. I'm located in the Chicago suburbs and have access to a Cessna 172 for a wet rate of $105 (which we'll split). I am willing to fly as...
  19. Federico Morelli

    Time Building in Tuscany, Italy

    Hi guys! Our flight association gives you the possibility to build your flight time in the best way ever! You'll be followed by an experienced Flight Instructor and a Ground Instructor! You can be prepared for your future CPL-IR course, while you're building your time on aircraft, without any...
  20. M

    Time Building

    Looking to fly up to 100 hours. Based in Austin, TX, can travel. PPL ASEL Total Time 200 hours. Mackenziebrown63@gmail.com 512- 772-6554
  21. NC-Sean

    Multi-time building-Eastern NC, SE Virginia

    Looking to build some multi time. Can rent a Duchess for $245/hr. Maybe a little cheaper. Free during the days and all day during the weekends. I'm a CFII and current in the Duchess. Let's split some time!
  22. Flyhighbdi

    Cheap time building in the Daytona Beach area

    Hi everyone I am looking for pilots to time build with on a piper cherokee based at KDAB. The airplane rents for $65 wet, so it would be around $32/hour each. I will be building 230 hours so I would prefer someone looking to build a lot of time as well. Contact me if you are interested Thanks
  23. G

    Time Building in NJ

    I have access to a C-150 and looking for someone to split cost to finish my ATP minimums.