Time building Florida 50/50 cost w/ CFII to ATP mins.


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I am looking to time build 100-150 hrs to reach my ATP mins. I have access to various aircraft that range in price from $100-140 per hour. I am looking to split the cost 50/50. I am a flight intructor with turbine experience. We can negotiate some training into the time building if you'd like. I live in the west palm area and prefer you travel to me. If not too far away in Florida I could pick you up for the day. I am not looking to do long xcountry flights. Only day trips , morning departure. Time build and work our way back to west palm area by late afternoon. I want to get these hours in the next 2-3 months.

I am open to suggestions if you have any. Message me if interested. Thanks!


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How do you guys handle the payment for these split time building flights? Can two people pay at the school or one person pays and the other pays that person?