ZLIN 242 Airwothiness Directive?


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FAA's taking comments on a proposed ZLIN 242 AD....seems they shouldn't do more than 190-450 hours of aerobatics....

From Avweb:

AD Watch
If you've been flying your Zlin (Moravan Z-242L) the way you thought it was rated, now's a good time to realistically total the number of aerobatic hours you've put it through. It seems the loads weren't calculated properly at certification time and no more than 190 hours of aerobatic and utility use in early models and 450 hours of that type of use in later models is considered safe. How's that for depreciation ... After that they have 3,500 hours and 5,500 hours respectively before new wings must be installed. The full text of the FAA's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Z-242L aircraft is available online.

Here's the FAA link
The key is 450 hours of aerobatics! That means anything more than 4.4g's. So, you have the ability to fly 450 hours at more than 4.4g. In our upset recovery training, we never even get to that (about 4g's tops), so the aircraft is only flying in the "Utility" category, which has no limitation.

I guess they're gonna have to start noting when someone "clicks the meter" as they say.....

They did have one of the ZLIN's in the area 51 maintance hanger for a long time that was totally in pieces. It honestly looked like they took the entire airplane apart and put it back together. Maybe they were doing some sort of detailed inspection?
From what I understand, they shipped both wings WHOLE back to Eastern Europe....

sounds expensive!

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Doesn't Pan Am have the same thing?

All the Zlin's go through routine non-destructive testing at regular intervals. This is done here in the good ol' USA. About the proposed AD, it seems it would include Utility category time in addition to Aerobatic towards that 450 total. Even still, you do not operate in the Utility category until you exceed 3.8g's, & most of our Upset Recovery Training is done less than that. A spin is strictly a 1g maneuver, granted you could pull much more recovering from the dive, but that defeats the purpose of the training. The purpose of URT is to develop the skills to recover your CRJ from an unusual attitude with minimal stress on the aircraft & passengers. If it's done correctly, you will do it with a minimum of g forces applied.


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Right, but if you want fun...don't fly a CRJ.


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Damn! I thought you were serious. Get our hopes up and then kill us. I thought that laptops were a part of the 60K for training