Which King Videos?


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You might know that I've recently decided on ATP to start my flight training from PPL on. I have until April to complete all of my writtens before my start date. Now that all of the books are on the way to take the writtens, which King videos should I buy? They only have the PPL and Inst. on DVD, which I would prefer. They also have ME, commercial, CFI, & CFII on tape. I think I heard that some of the videos are redundant. At $79 - $179 a course, I just want to get the ones I need. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd appreciate it.
look on ebay for the vids.. i just picked up the ppl written, checkride, comunications, weather, and emergencies plus the computer practice test software for $115. saved a bunch that way
sloburnone, did you pay $115 for all of those combined?

aloft, you like the sporty's videos better with Roger? I have the intro DVD that they send out to new pilots with their catalogue. It's OK. The commercial they have at the end shows glimpses of their videos and the computer models they show look pretty good. Have you seen both King and Sporty's?
Also, any suggestions on a decent headset. I figure to spend about $200 - $300 for one. I really have no idea what to look for. Comfort is upmost priority with function a close second. What specs should I look for most in a headset?
yep it was actually $91 plus 25 for fed ex to shipem
all in perfect quality too. watched emergencies and the first tape for written. their humor is ok kinda more of a hehe than a laugh but it all seems pretty straight forward and thorough so far. and they specify what is on the written (supposedly haven't taken it) so you get an extra pay attention que.

Rent them!

Don't get the instrument rating course AND the CFII. They're identical. The ME tape is allright, but not necessary. The FOI stuff should be included in the CFI tapes- if they are offered separately, don't get them.