Where would you go in 30 hours of hobbs time for free?


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Well, I have a student who just bought a Pressurized Turbo 210. it's parked out in Vegas for another 60 days and can't come to California until then. Nevertheless, he wants to go out there and fly it for 30 hours in three days. He has given me the pleasure of choosing the flight route and destinations.
Any suggestions?

By the way, just some numbers, the plane does about 180 knots indicated, is pressurized with a service ceiling of up to 23,000 ft. And has air conditioning.

The best part about it, I can't get used to getting paid to do this.

For all the contract or corporate guys out there, I'm charging him $200/day plus all expenses, like food and lodging. So all together, about $600 for a weekend to drive a piston, is that fair? Am I charging too much, or too little?

Also, some ideas of where to go, Seattle? Montreal? Mexico? Does anyone think we can make it to New York and back to vegas in 30 give or take a few?
Yeah you can definately do New York in 30... you can hit anywhere in the 48 states and back in 30 hrs in a 210 from Vegas. I'd do New York personally and Meigs, oh wait...

Anyways it sounds like a great time!!!

PS If you want to borrow my map (I was thinking of doing something similar a while back) I got a good one that has every big airport in the US listed. It's laminated too so you can write courses in dry erase markers.
Come on Eagle - show some creativity! You should throw Laughlin in there too. LAS-RNO-IFP-LAS-RNO-IFP.

If you REALLY want to go to NY should be easy enough to do in a 210 but my question would be "Why????" If guess it's a novelty for ya'll out west but there are soooo many beautiful sights in this country NYC wouldn't be my first choice - flying 10 hours a day you're not really going to have much time to do any sight seeing on the ground.

You mentioned Mexico - that would be a cool trip but one word of caution - if your student has recently bought this airplane(and it kind of sounds like he did) you can't go international with the temporary registration(pink) you must have the permanent registration(white) aboard the aircraft.

If you have time to do the paperwork (I'm not even sure what's required) do something stupid like a record setting flight from Kigman, AZ to Laughlin(It's only about 30 miles I think).

I'd probably just draw a line due east and see where it took me

Just pick a place(s) and go. If you have 30 hours to use then it doesnt matter where, just go and have lots of fun getting paid to fly.
To the moon Alice! To the moon!

You could easily make St. Louis /Chicago/Dayton/New Orleans in that 30hr window. Especially if you can get up in to the FLs you can get over a lot of the wx.

I'm leaving for St. Louis on Sunday (flying myself back) and from PHX at 130 Kts. TAS it plans out at about 10 hours (through ABQ .. add two more hours if you go through El Paso).
Um, you're charging him for 10 hours of inflight instruction per day? Might want to rethink how you log that. As for trips, I'd probably head either up the west coast to Alaska or southwest and do an Appalachian tour. The leaves should be about right this time of year.
Or you guys can just stop off and see friends around the country that you haven't seen in a while.
New England would be nice, but, having spent a lot of time photographing fall color for my business, I'd recommend heading to the Great Lakes Area.

Marquette, MI, in MI's Upper Peninsula is beautiful. The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is an awsome flight-seeing tour (200 foot sandstone cliffs with streaks of blue, yellow, green, and red from the minerals that leach out and drip down the faces stretching for 40 miles along the largest body of freshwater in the world . . . ) that's only about 30 miles down the shore. You could hit KI Sawyer International (old B-52 base turned local airport), sleep in Marquette, hit the grass strip south of the Pictured Rocks by Munising, cruise the Kewenau Penisula for the fall color and killer scenery, stop in Copper Harbor for rugged views of the shoreline and spectacular waterfalls, then do a Minnesota tour of Superior and the Boundary Waters area, sleep in Duluth, MN, then head back via Montana and Idaho.

BUT . . . I now live in hot, dry, brown Fresno where people burst into flame walking down the street. You'd better give me the full story and take some digital photos for posting so that I can live vicariously through you!


Just my two cents . . .

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friends around the country that you haven't seen in a while.

[/ QUOTE ] Or how about some you haven't met yet?
Utah isn't too far from you.
Now that's an idea. Why don't you do the national JetCareers tour, stopping off in every airport where folks post from?

well, he's been acutally mentioning New Orleans, I guess flying as far as NY would be too much cuz we'd be flying all those days and not really seeing anything.

Anyone think we'll be able to get above the weather at around FL200?
Why not go up the coast and over British Columbia to Alaska. It is really a beautiful place to see. Stop up in AK somewhere and then head back down the Pacific coast and then back home. Not sure if that is within range as I am still just a layperson but hey, it's what I would do.
Anyone think we'll be able to get above the weather at around FL200?

[/ QUOTE ]

Not above all of it, but most of it. Plus at this time of the year it is so cold up there you won't pick up too much if any ice in the clouds above 10-12k. Any that you can't get above at 20,000ft you prob want to stay out of anyway ( T-storms building)
You could get in probably 180 touch & gos in that time.

I second the Key West/Carribean idea. Screw going anywhere cold, you'll get enough of that in the flight levels.