Whats new with FSI?


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For all of you still at FSI, how are things? It would be nice to see an update on "Whos news" on the academy webpage, i think that gets changed perhaps once a year....
It would be nice to see an update on "Whos news" on the academy webpage, i think that gets changed perhaps once a year....

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Yeah, I think you're right. I just checked it & it said that Josh was "fresh" off of his multi rating & looking forward to starting his instrument training. Well, Josh & I were in the same CFI class the end of last Summer. I also checked the past "Whos News" & only saw Kristi, whom I went through Instrument with. Interesting...

I heard that weekend flying might be scaled back or possibly eliminated. I actually think that makes sense financially for the school.
Yeah, its gone...I think Saturday flying is optional till 1600...i.e. instructors can have it off if they want and Sundays are gone. Drove by the airport last Sunday and it was amazing and pretty depressing to see each and every airplane sitting on the ramp, the parking lot bare, hangar shut tight, fuel trucks parked neatly nearby, and everything black inside. I bet the Sunday controllers love it though.

But, with less than 200 students (most of who dont want to fly anyway at 0630 on a Sunday morning) and 100 or so instructors, it makes all the financial sense in the world (no electric bills, no maintenance/fuel people on shift, etc...) Props to whoever thought of it...hopefully, someday, things will turn around and students and instructors will be back at the airport at 0630 on a Sunday. Off to do my resume....
One thing that sucks about it is Sundays was a big day for IPs and SPs to rent airplanes for pleasure flights.

I know I spent many Sundays doing cool XCs... have to be back by 1500 on Saturdays now.
I didn't think it warranted a new post but I got my acceptance letter into the academy about a week ago. The info booklet also answered many of my questions.

Signed the contract and sent it back, after all the bad stories of other flight school's contracts I was really happy with the FSA one, I was even impressed that you can pull out without penalty after seeing the campus for the first time. (like me, when I show up for orientation it will be the first time I've ever been to Florida!)

Does anyone know what the monthly start rates are like? as in how many new students per month? What about international students and how full is the on campus accommodation?

No flying on Sundays! That sucks. I always liked flying on Sundays because the flightline was never that crowded.

From what I have heard, it sounds like everyday is a "Sunday" at FSI now. Only 200 students, when I was there this past year there were about 350 students.

200 students, 100 instructors (although some did get hired recently).............not good. What is going on down there?
Word on the street is that all the ACA people that were hired recently were in the group that was furloughed....not good.

Anyone else hear this?
I think you can still rent AC when dispatch is closed, you just pick them up on Sat and throw the can for the plane in a box by the maintenance hangar when you return.
I know that Chris Countryman, Doug Richardson, and Stuart MacDonald were furloughed. I'm not sure about the others. I think that anyone hired before September is ok.
Doug was hanging around FSI this afternoon, I quess some one was giving him a ride in the seminole back up to DC.