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Ok if you were about to begin your pilot training and start your private which is a better deal? I found a flight instructor with his own plane, 172 RG, and he works independently. He is CFI CFII. He charges about $100/hr for the plane and his instruction together. The lowest at all of the FBO's is about 75-80 for the plane and 35-40 for the instructor for just regular 172. What's the better deal?
It depends. I'd take an introductory flight with each and then make a decision. It seems like the independent CFI might be better, but I don't know. Good luck!
72-RG for sure...but then again if its old and beat up it may not be worth its weight.

If the 172's are sp's or have a beautiful radio stack. they could be just as beneficial...but retract never hurts....so how about either...(rg)

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Thanks guys, you can't research enough and i've definately learned that in this industry. Does it really matter to Airlines, Corporations, Military... whatever it may be whether you received your pilot certificates from FBO, Independent CFI, or a huge Academy???
Well I guess i'll just have to check them both out then...i'd like to know if anyone has an experience working with an independent CFI and opposed to an organized school.
Well for some real serious advice...i am taking my training with an independant CFI and i love it...me and him often hang out out our houses and order pizza....and plenty of free instruction that is the kind relationship you can possibly develop with an independant CFI....

I personally think that having a few CFI's is very beneficial to one's training that way you can recognize early on that your CFI's methods may not be the same as everyone else's.

I am taking my private checkride in 9 days...and have been through 5 instructors in my 45 hours of flying...and i loved every minute with all of them....they all have something good to offer.

I also think its important to get a CFI that has the same type of personality that you do and this usually is associated with age it seems like.....the CFI is gonna make your training...NOT the plane....just keep that in mind.

Check everyone out and dont be afraid to ask for another instructor if things arent working out...

if there is any more specific questions you have please ask.

I was about to say the same thing Falcon just said there. I think the most important aspect of learning to fly is finding a CFI that you can get along with personally. It will make the learning a lot easier!
"working with an independent CFI and opposed to an organized school."

Schools aren't "organized", CFI's are. What I'm saying is, some schools that have an office at the airport and an ad in the phone book could be a lot less organized than a free lance CFI who has invested in his own 172RG. The only way to find out is to investigate both options and then make your decision. If the school is part 141, as opposed to part 61, then it will SEEM more organized as their program has to be approved by the FAA. At the same time, this forces you to follow their program to the letter, which provides for less flexability during your training. That's why I think part 61 with a good CFI and a good airplane is better than 141.
i'd like to know if anyone has an experience working with an independent CFI and opposed to an organized school.

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I echo what the others have said about using an independent CFI as apposed to the schools CFI. I personally had/have a fantastic free lance instructor. He is almost always available when I want to fly, and really goes the extra mile to insure that I’m understanding what’s being taught...

At any rate.. you need to fly with the free lance cfi first to make sure your personalities jive...That, of course, is one of the most critical elements to insure many successful training flights.

Good luck!

Thanks I was beginning to lean in the direction of the independant CFI. It just seems like an all around better deal!