What are some good aviation references?


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I'm really interested in attending a flight training academy sometime next year and want to prepare myself as best I can in the meantime. So where should I start and what would be best to study now? I want to learn as much as I can before I start training. What could I do now to best ease my transition into aviation. I know very little right now. I've heard the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual is a good one. Any comments on it?

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I'd sugest getting your PPL before spending 60k+ ... it will Save up a ton when u get to a big flight school. U'll know things u didn't know before... And you'll know what to espect form the Big flightschools....

the Jeps manual is good... i guess...
(I have the whole PPL Kit though with everything in it )...

find out what ur school will be using...

the Pilots Hand Book of Aeronautical knowledge really good
+ the Airplane Flying Handbook. ( Both made by the FAA their really cheap to buy. Go to Amazon.com or something)

you'll Need the FAR/AIM book ( ByFAA) too
I would definitely get your PPL first, it will open your eyes before you take the plunge. In the meantime, get your hands on as many aviation books as you can. I have built an impressive library myself, getting most of the books cheap and used at half.com. I have read all of these and recommend them highly:

Stick and Rudder (Langeweische)
Private Pilot Manual (Jeppesen)
Understanding Flight (Anderson) *the big picture
Aviator's Guide to Navigation (Clausing) *really helped for XC
Aviation Weather (Jeppesen)
Aircraft Systems (Lombardo)

I'm currently working through the Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial book and an advanced navigation book. After you have a few lessons, get Stick and Rudder. It's old, but really tells you what the plane wants to do and how to make it do it. My flying really started to improve when I read it. When i started my XC trips, I read more about navigation and systems. I bet most PPL students don't have both VORs and an ADF going on their first XC, but it was great to be able to do that and actually know how to use them.

I wish you luck, I remember when I was where you are (about a year ago) and it's been a lot of fun so far, worth every penny, minute, and sacrifice.
Oh yes, one more thing:

"(I have the whole PPL Kit though with everything in it )..."

What's in the PPL Kit? Where can I get one?
Jeppesen sells "complete" training kits in different levels, with more stuff as you go, like the book, plotter, e6b, etc....and all include a flight bag. I didn't go that route, I bought what I needed and wanted as I went including a larger flight bag. The kits do include a FAR/AIM and written study guides, but many people like the Gleim better....bottom line is, look at the contents and decide for yourself. They can save you some money if you want everything they contain. Look at marvgolden.com or spinnerspilotshop.com to see what they include.
I spent $149 and got the Sporty's private pilot DVD kit. Very good information, with video and interactive question and answer's. I am currently reading Stick and Rudder. I love the way the author calls the elevator "flippers"

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