Were did ERAU admission requirements go?


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I've noticed that after 9-11 that ERAU has taken the Admission requirements of there web site, i've even seen them advertising. Is this because there such an expensive school and with the economic troubles they'll take anybody with money? If this is so then im in luck cause my high school grades dont look so good.

I was looking for an answer about the school not me Ron
I'm not even sure. I think the telephone number is 800 222 ERAU or something like that. I'm sure they can answer your question!
I'm not sure if they have been updating their webpage, but their requirments are there now. Just go to www.embreyriddle.edu and on the front page click on admissions. After that the second page has an option for their admissions requirements for undergrads and graduates.
Thanks..i've allready seen that but most college site have the GPA and SAT scores there looking for and ERAU doesnt, thats what im trying to find out.
Yeah, for that then you may just have to call or email the admissions department. They are probably like most colleges where your ACT or SAT have to fall within the national average if they require it, and have at least a 2.0 in high school. This is the standard for most colleges out there and I am also figuring this on the fact their graduate school has the same requirments that many other four years colleges with a grad school offer. So it will probably be about the same.

Here's the answer to your question. Embry-Riddle will take just about anyone that's willing to pay their incredible costs. Riddle is a couple million dollars in debt right now from some money mismanagement and they are trying to recover it by picking the pockets of their students.

Their official response to academic requirements is national average SAT or ACT scores and at least a 2.0 GPA. If you have less than a 2.0, then your application is "under special review." That doesn't mean that you won't get in though or that your chances are bad.

Getting in is not difficult. Staying in can be more of a challenge. Juggling schoolwork, flight training, social life, and extracurricular activities takes some effort in planning.

That's pretty amazing news. Is it publicly known about their money mess? Has that been in the press anywhere? We've looked at the school, but it was last year, and they seemed pretty smug at the time. The idea of taking just anybody and then one day putting them in control of a jet full of people is kind of scary. Can you give us any more details? Thanks
I know that Doug is a ERAU grad, but in the interest of helping everyone on the board, Doug,do you have any information about their financial woes?
The money mess is not too public. I know about it because I'm on the college newspaper staff (www.avionnewspaper.com ...sorry I know its a cheap plug, but we just got the new site up).

The staff, especially in the aeronautical science department, has a reputation for being smug and making student's lives more difficult.

I wouldn't worry about the quality of the pilots who come from Riddle though. They have a great reputation of being well-trained. The school makes you follow a bunch of procedures way above and beyond what the typical FBO makes you do, which makes for graduates who integrate into the airline environment very well. All I'm saying is that its not difficult to get into Riddle...successfully graduating is another story.

I'll try to get more details on the financial woes and get them posted up here.
WOW marc i didnt think they were in that much trouble. LOL so if i said i had 200,00 for college im sure they'd kiss my ass. Well i dont think i wanna go there anymore, im not the best student and i dont think id be able to handle it..

newpilot01- just because we are not good students doesnt mean we cant be good pilots

I was adressing myself to Marc's comments about the school taking just about anyone with the money to pay their tuition. But...if the shoe fits, you'd better wear it. If you aren't a good student you will not make a good pilot. Sorry, but that's the truth. There is an incredible amount of book learning that goes into being a professional pilot, and if you don't have the discipline to do the work, how do you expect to make the grade? Your posts are kind of amazing...do you think anyone can take you seriously when you state that you have lousy grades and are not a good student, so please let you know if you can get into one of the best schools in the profession? Don't you think you are degrading all those who have gone before you at ERAU with that request? Do you think the flying public wants to travel with a slacker? Really, fess up, you're just pulling our legs to get a reaction out of us and I'm the first one to take the bait, right? You can't be serious with your attitude, so tell us you are just joking. Please. Really. You win.
Riiight......Alittle life lesson for ya, never judge a person by there letter grade. Diffrent people react to schools diffrently. A person who has a 2.0 can allways be smarter with someone that hasa 3.0. Some of us only try hard on subjects we enjoy like....flying. Look at that. I wasnt playing some joke, i was asking a question cause i wanted to know.

well that really was some useful info, however i was wondering how long this 'easy admissions' stage is going to last. is ERAU'S financial situation going to be resolved anytime soon?

also can you reply back giving details on what u mean by stating that 'stayin in could be challenging'. i would really appreciate your time and effort in answering my couple questions.