Well People...


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There seem to be a large number of us that either attended or are still affiliated through the Academy here. Whether you went there, loved or hated it, I figured we might was well put some names here, just curious to see if I remember people.

People might remember me, i know some of you do.

Craig C (Former FSA IP, Current FSI SIC)


E-175 f/o
I'm here!! Getting through CFI slowly. All of my lesson plans are done, but my motivation is dwindling. Another year in Vero... cringe.


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You could be living in Toledo :)

Vero isn't half bad, actually its not bad at all.
I never understood why people hate Vero so much, i mean as far as flight school location is not bad at all, been to many 141 schools and FSA has the best location so far.

And life is so cheap


Flying inside the TFRs
I'm Trevor, new to the line as of a week or so ago, just had my first almost real day of work, 7.9 billed, and it only took me about 12 hours! :nana2: