Welcome to Flyboy4781


Apparently a "terse" writer
Staff member
Sitting right across the desk from him in the lounge as we speak!
Welcome Flyboy...BTW, that Taylor keep secrets I think...You'll have to spill the beans....

If you're new (junior) to the ER and flying with Doug, make sure you ride in the back on any bicycle tours. Let the CA and Senior FO take the hit. You'll move up a spot... :D

Welcome once again!
:hiya:HI!!! Like they said above...on bike tours...be the person on the bike behind the rest of the crew :yup:
We were both starting trips the same day, probably still getting back to BOS today.

Let me do this the right way, "Say something after you get home from your trip or I assure you, I will poop in your v-file"