Want to "See" Bernoulli?

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So, I'm going to hope that this doesn't turn into a crazy gun brawl before anyone even makes it through the vid. Be nice.
But, this vid is worth watching... even if you don't like guns. You might learn something about how solids (like wings) move through fluids (like air). And even if you don't want to learn anything, it's just pretty cool watching a bullet move through the water.
Pretty cool. It definitely doesnt have the velocity I thought I would have. I wonder how far it would travel if it was shot into the water from outside of the pool.
Check Mythbusters...they did this a few years ago with various weapons. It definitely doesn't go as far as the movies would have you believe.

Thats what I thought. It seems 3 feet is the max before its dead in the water (pun) give or take the velocity it has behind it before hitting the water. So this means, I'm totally safe escaping from armed druglords by swimming underwater? ;)
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If I remember right, what came up on the show is the largest and fastest rounds just basically disintegrated. So a .30-06 actually had less penetration than a 22lr.
Water goes through a phase change if the pressure changes enough... What you see here is cavitation. It creates speed limitations for underwater applications. One of the reasons why hydrofoils do well for midspeed applications but hydroplaning is better for higher speed water applications.
Was very interesting to watch, especially the cavitation leading the bullet.

I also like how the AK had no problem tossing the case and cycling while full of water.