Wanna fly through some clouds?


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As of 11am this morning, I'm legal to fly in IMC! Passed the checkride (as told in Checkride Central) and breathed a rather large sigh of relief.

Now I'm shamelessly posting the news and will be checking back every five minutes to see who congratulates me . . .

Today, Instrument. Next week, Commercial. Next month, CFI. Next year, THE WORLD!
I'll be the first...

Woo hooo! Congrats!!!

Next year, THE WORLD!

[/ QUOTE ]

Hey now, don't go raining on my parade....
one month of training. YOu must have hit it pretty hard. congrats. My IR stage3 check is next week, It wont be long

You passed at 11am!!!? What time did the ride start?

Congrats! Now go find some crappy weather and go flying
Thanks, all!

In response to a few questions: Fly4free, I started instrument training just before Christmas and, yes, my instructor and I have been hitting it pretty hard. But, on the bright side, I've got almost 10 hours of actual! Good luck on your stage 3. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors! Also, for Ed, the ride started at 9am. It was only 1.4 total, so it wasn't bad at all. Even picked up .2 actual . . .

After calling my wife and my parents, the JC forum was the next place I went to share the good news. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love JC and all of the great people who spend too much of their time here!
Top work PP... now you've got your first solo flight in actual to look forward to.

Mine only consisted of punching through 3 clouds of about 50 feet across... but it was sooo exhilarating


Actually, he told me before he even called his wife and parents. Guess I'm just that special.
Bastard has more actual than me and I'm an instructor at the freakin' school!
Well, shoot, JD! It's a given that you and LB are tops on the 'to tell list.' I wouldn't have it any other way! Just don't tell my wife . . .

For the record, JD met me as I was putting the tie-downs on after the flight. It's a great feeling when instructors go out of their way to give support and congrats to student pilots. There must have been a half-dozen other instructors waiting upstairs in the lobby to congratulate both the student who had just gotten his private multi and me. But JD was the first! He'll never admit it, but he's got a huge heart.

I passed my Instrument Checkride about a year ago, but I still remember, like it were yesterday. Probably my best flight ever - 1.2hours in actual conditions, so the examiner let me fly without foggles.

Enjoy flying the clouds!