Turboprop 135 F/O Interview


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Hi folks,
I’ve got an interview next week for a position as a PC12 FO. What have your 135 interview (particularly FO interviews) experiences been? It’s my first 135 interview and I don’t know what to expect, so I’m a bit nervous. Likewise, are there any good questions I should be asking to gauge what the operation is like?


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Back when I started my 135 career, I had a sit down with HR, the CP, DO, and the VP of the company. HR asked some stuff like - where do you see yourself in 5 years. The VP had a question along the lines of how did your last few non aviation jobs prepare you for the aviation job today? The CP asked some stuff regarding technical knowledge and Notams, and some Jepp stuff, and then had a question like - walk me through a preflight up to when the passengers arrive. (I had like 5 hours in a jet doing contract work, so its not like I had much experience)

The questions will definitely vary.

I interviewed for a 91 department about 10 years later and they had a 5 person panel interview with the CP, and 4 line pilots. Basically get to know you session but It was pretty dang in-depth. Everything from "Give me a HF radio call" to "Tell me about a challenging crew member you had to work with".

Good luck!