Things That Are No More


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Founds some pictures of things in aviation that aren't with us anymore...if you've got some pictures, post 'em!

The cool mural on the side of the hangar at MSP

Indy Air

XJs Avros

Anyone else got any?


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I really dig those avros. I traveled in it once out of Flint, MI. Does anybody fly them anymore?


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The 747-SP was an awesome aircraft. Among my favorite of the '47s (apart from the 400 series). Pan Am went on for a long time.

I miss the DC-8. Such a beautiful aircraft. When I was a kid (around 1988 or so), I sat about five seats behind Michael Douglas on a DC-8.

I miss the old-school "Guppy". They always took me where I wanted to go (most of the time to visit family in Houston). When I was young and when airlines still gave a crap about customer service, we had to take a Piedmont 737-200 on an ID-90. One of the Piedmont ticket agents gave me one of those flat, two-piece plastic model-things in the shape and livery of a 737. I never forgot that.

I loved the DC-10.


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That TWA livery would still look modern in '08. Unlike DAL, which has had about 3 changes in the last 10 years (finally looks good now), NW, which still is ugly, USAir and United.