The Truth


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I read on and on about how pan am screwed people when the reality is that some are and most are not. Most people probably have had a bad experience and would like to think that they got screwed.

I see a lot of people go through the school and it's safe to say that most people are not able to learn at the accelerated pace that pan am requires. If you are not able to keep up, the program is designed to #1 inform you that you will not be able to complete the program at the specified price #2 the school will make every effort possible for you to succeed in the program. If that doesn't work.... then #3 give you guidance toward another program that you would benefit from #4 if your a pain in the A*S, weed you out completely. this may sound harsh, and a lot of people are mad because of this. You have to understand that if you fall behind in this accellerated type of program, it's going to cost you. $$$$

I am familiar with everything that is written on this forum including a few of your identities. one in particular i just have to shake my head. I'm not trying to cause any problems, but i feel that all of you are misleading anyone who may want to attend the academy. plain and simple, the program isn't for everyone.

ACE program: i am not sold on at all, too much $$$$ for FTD time, not simulator (there is a difference)

For those of you who are going to attend Pan Am, good luck, i suggest you put 110% into the program just as i did and you will benefit greatly. It's worth the money in the long run. If you think it's a time to party and have a good time, well... your falling into the footsteps of some of the people in this forum.
You are jumping on the gossip bandwagon there Gulfstream, if you want to make a difference, write a post about the positive aspects. Unfortunately, the only things that I can come up with are the aircraft and a few of the people (pre- new regime/chief) I wouldn't be much help on the "Robert Gullet" sales pitch.

By the way, if anyone out there has seen Saturday Night Live in the past two years and goes in to Pan Am PHX, please tell me if you think "Bob the salesman" looks like the Robert Gullet character............
If Pan Am has such a great accelerated program, then why do students at FBOs save thousands of dollars, finish before everyone at Pan Am, and then go and instruct at Pan Am! I was at Pan Am for six months; I know the truth! And you know our identities? So what? I don't take back anything I said. So do us all a favor and quit trying to sell Pan Scam's money making scheme.