Sun exposure and color vision


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Hello... I've read somewhere that looking into the sun can cause some color vision loss... Is the same true (if true at all) for lying on the beach with eyes closed but taking the sunglasses off? I have a borderline deficiency as it is and wouldn't want to make it any worse. But I love the sun and I love the beach... lol

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I see...

Here is the quote from the website that I read this on:

"Exposure to UV radiation may damage to the retina, causing color blindness. This is the main cause of color blindness in children. The color vision deficit stays with them for their lives."

That is from

So you don't think that there is any validity to this?

Another concern of mine has been with digital cameras. You know how they have that red laser looking light for aiming? Can looking into that damage vision (or color vision) as well?

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